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A thriving hub.

Welcome to Bellevue 

A thriving hub.
Luxury • Modern • Tech • Family • Friendly • Low Crime
Just east of the city, across Lake Washington, lies another growing urban skyline — Bellevue. Fittingly, the city’s name is French for “beautiful view”, which refers to the spectacular Olympic and Cascade Mountains that can be seen from the hilltops and skyscrapers of the city.
Home to Expedia and T-Mobile, as well as satellite offices for Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more, the neighborhood is clean, well kept, and offers many opportunities for residents to both work and play.

What to Expect

Life in Bellevue is characterized by casually-dressed professionals who value luxury and exceptional experiences.

The Lifestyle

This mid-sized city routinely wins awards for its safety ratings and quality of life.

Unexpected Appeal

Whether you’re a fan of the outdoors, the art gallery, or the salon, this neighborhood has something for everyone.

Work With Brenna

When Brenna goes to work for her clients, they immediately notice her passion for the industry, her loyalty to them, and her superb customer service skills. Above all, Brenna has an excellent reputation for solving problems and getting things done the right way.

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