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Welcome to Magnolia

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Quiet • Boating • Waterfront • Low Crime • Community
Located northwest of downtown Seattle, Magnolia is a tranquil, suburban neighborhood that features some of the most stunning real estates in the city. With incredible views of the water on all sides, plentiful parks, and top-notch amenities, this neighborhood is one of Seattle’s best places to live.
Magnolia is home to a Seattle favorite. Discovery Park, an impressive 534-acre playground, features a 2.8-mile loop around the perimeter that is a favorite among Seattle trail runners. It is
Seattle’s largest park, and never feels crowded due to its sheer size.

What to Expect

Though surrounded by water, its solitude is its strength.

The Lifestyle

A great place to stroll on a Saturday afternoon, where you can browse Magnolia’s Bookstore or visit Petit Pierre Bakery, a cozy, family-owned French cafe.

Unexpected Appeal

The peace and quiet. While short bridges connect it to the rest of Seattle, Magnolia residents are the ones who like to stay home over going out.

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When Brenna goes to work for her clients, they immediately notice her passion for the industry, her loyalty to them, and her superb customer service skills. Above all, Brenna has an excellent reputation for solving problems and getting things done the right way.

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