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Queen Anne

Queen Anne

A highly desirable address.

Welcome to Queen Anne

Hilly • Classic • Modern • Convenient • Low Crime
Queen Anne represents some of the best of the Emerald City, although the hill was one of the last areas to be developed due to its steep incline. Today, Seattleites take advantage of the altitude, and enjoy some of the most beautiful views found, well, anywhere. Classic homes, a central location, and a vibrant, connected community make Queen Anne a highly desirable address.
Kerry Park stands out as a favorite for those looking for a view, especially at sunset. With a fantastic view of the Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier, watch out for photographers, tourists, and even the occasional proposal!

What to Expect

A neighborhood packed full of charm, variety, and convenience.

The Lifestyle

One thing is for sure -- Queen Anne makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a top-rated school, an immersive musical experience, or simply a fantastic meal.

Unexpected Appeal

Queen Anne’s residents are known for being extremely neighborly and community-centered.

Work With Brenna

When Brenna goes to work for her clients, they immediately notice her passion for the industry, her loyalty to them, and her superb customer service skills. Above all, Brenna has an excellent reputation for solving problems and getting things done the right way.

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